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They are gold-diggers, temperamental and pretend to understand everything when they understand nothing.

Why? why?? why???

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I choose women because I'm not particularly interested in packing fudge or slobbing on a knob.
hahaha....... thats what i wouldve said brutha!!!!
Simply because they just can't live without them.
Men can choose men too, in fact some do...
We cook, we clean, we blow and we suck, good enough reasons for ya?

(well, at least the prospect of all the above will keep you trying!)
Nope, give me some more reasons. ;-)
well, i don't have an honest answer to a obvious question. Perhaps, you tell me why you, personally choose woman instead of an apple pie? =)
Who said I don't choose apple pie over women? :-D
Noted. Your mom must be so proud. =P
We men are simple creatures and women posses something that we need. Women have an ability that we are incapable of performing. Way way deep down inside of our psyche in a very lonely place lives this emotion. We have an instinctual drive that is underdeveloped, thus we don’t have the ability to control it, so we do not have the capability to free this beast that yerns to emerge. It is so deeply embeded in our subconcious that we can not even bigin to understand it, yet we crave and thurst for it constantly. Yes without this emotion we are incomplete. Sometimes it feels as if we are from another planet. It can be so fustrating at times that we resort to crying ourselvs to sleep (when no one else is around of course) at night. The lengths that we are willing to go and the sacrifices we are willing to make to experience this emotion are immeasurable. We instinctively turn to the female species to fill this gaping hole within us, to help us release this burden that we bare and to make us complete. Women are amazing! They have the natural ability to harness this emotion seemingly effortlessly. Women posses this magnetic force that draws to them and captures this emotion which can even appear to consume them at times. Though for us men it is a vicarious experience, without women, we would never be able to know and enjoy the pleasures that come from our “Inner Drama Queen”.

That and because they have boobies. Boobies are fucking awesome!!!
Ellie the Lecturer :-P
That and because they have boobies. Boobies are fucking awesome!!!

Now, you are talking. Hahaha.



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