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A friend of mine (a good of one, one of the first I made in SZ) just wished me good luck on Wechat after a brief and raw exchange. Fact is we haven't met since January, and not because I was avoiding her on purpose, but just because life gets in your way sometimes and you have to reset your priorities. Being a family man with a regular job isn't exactly compatible with going out and partying all night, sadly so I ought to say, but that's life. She is still single and partying every weekend, always meeting new people and having a good time. I have other priorities.

I just had 3 crazy months and I don't honestly know how I made it through without losing my sanity: I had to find a new job for the next academic year, move out of my apartment and hurry up before Visa ran out. It took 3 months to have 2 job offers (both out of SZ, and one out of China... ), whilst my wife prepared to go back to Japan after 10 years in the city. It wasn't exactly a quiet time we experienced.

All this to say I'm really sorry my friend didn't seem to understand all the troubles I was (and still am) having (on top of my duties as father and husband) and only saw the fact I wasn't finding time to meet her for drinks. She is a good friend, but sometimes meeting is not simply possible, especially when we live in different areas of a massive city and our schedules are conflicting. Now, she's mad at me, because she thinks I don't want to see her for some reason. 

Long story short: I really hope to sort this out and see her again before I leave (or maybe sometimes in the future), but my question is: why don't people understand? Why is it so difficult to see things as they are? Half a year is not a long time, I haven't seen good friends of mine for much longer, it happens in life.

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I support you ,first you should be a good father and husband,if you still have time then you can arrange for your friends.

If the girl wants to be your real friend, i think she need know how to understand you.

So niceties aside, man up.



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