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Today, I just finished reading this article: 

Probably many of you already read this long ago.

Anyway, I specially like one of the comments:

“well, you are now leaving china for you dislike it, but i am still here while i am also dislike it. that's the differences between you and us :[”

This is also a voice from my heart, though better not to mention any details here.

My point: Who really would love to be a Chinese?

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Why not?

And why? ;P

....I want to be a Dongbei Ren (because they like beer and spicy food) and have a Cantonese that ok?

It's perfectly OK. May your dream come true. ;-P

Who really would love to be a Chinese?

People who can see through all the propaganda and can appreciate the opportunities China is providing. 

Developing countries (e.g. Africa, S.Amer,.....BRICS) who are recognizing China is showing stronger leadership on world stage and are providing fair opportunities. 

Most people are proud of their nationality and will only be willing to change citizenship based on economic situations/opportunities (or marriage) I joke with my parents that they came to Canada for opportunities while I'm in China for the same reason. I have my HK ID card and might even work towards becoming 'Chinese'. 

Anyways, much of the article attached is misleading, outdated, based on propaganda/ignorance/hatred and is biased. Maybe half of it is true and I can agree with many societal flaws I see here.  Old money is always going to hate new money. 

What a load of crock. Do you honestly even believe in everything you're saying mate? :-)

Old money is always going to hate new money

Like this point though the rest I am not sure, especially this one:

Most people are proud of their nationality...


I never got this "I am proud to be (whatever nationality)" stuff. What does it have to do with who you really are??? I guess one could say that they feel LUCKY to have been born into a certain family, country or nationality, because it may open up opportunities or be the source of special experiences, but being proud of having a certain nationality or citizenship sounds pompous in the extreme to me. 

Yes, and I value more about how does an individual value rather than how much a country owns. Again, I don't like any sort of "country line". LOL. 

"Like this point though the rest I am not sure, especially this one:

Most people are proud of their nationality..."

I recall waking up at 5am to watch the gold medal hockey game in Shanghai. The bar was packed with Americans and Canadians ...many dressed in national colours. If you asked anyone there if they were 'proud' to be from US/Can I'm certain a majority would say yes. I'd say you could go to a world cup match and get the same result. 

The most common icebreaker amongst backpackers is 'where are you from?' Most of the time I hear a sense of pride in replies with enthusiastic descriptions of their homeland. I don't think they'd take credit for how wonderful their homeland is but I think everyone contributes a little to society. It might not be in the purest sense of the word. I think it more reflects a fond affiliation with the world they grew up in and their culture/values. 

I've never really looked at nationality from a monetary perspective and I don't think it's pompous to tell people where you're from. Many people from developing countries, Argentina and Brazil come to mind, are very proud of their country, despite having much wealth to brag about. 

What I do disagree with are the Canadian and American travellers who stitch on Canadian flags onto their luggage expecting to get better treatment. I have mentioned my nationality on these forums because some have asked ..... some have accused me of being a communist..... i would like to think what is said is more important than the nationality of the person saying it. But many here disagree. 


Hmmm...I do not equate telling others where you are from with being proud of your country. As I said, I may feel lucky or just happy to have a certain background or heritage, but "proud" certainly doesn't sound like suitable word to me ;) 

Ohhh....Attention: trolling alert!!


Where ever did I use the word "ashamed"? Hmmm, this is the usual thing that fuckwits and trolls resort to. Yawn....



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