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Will u do something take ur time and erengy but couldn't get any real benefits?

Such as revenge.

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Most people's use of Shenzhen Stuff fits that description 

I got some friends with benefits.


Mostly girl friends, yes. Dan showed me places in Guangxi I would never have found for myself. Kelly in Shaanxi, Jane in Sichuan, Heather in Fujian, Shannon in the hakka area of Guangdong. I met many people through this site who were pleased to show me their origins. You can see most of these places in my photo albums, when we took the kids around. 

Maybe other girls also could lead you to that place in GuangXi even without Dan.Is Dan someone special?You thought about her the first.

Her full name is Wei Dan and she comes from a place called Wuming not far from Nanning. I have never met anyone else from Wuming apart from her family. It has really good street food.

She came first because she was the first one I travelled with at Spring Festival in 2009 after I found SZStuff in 2008. I had the dinner with her family and went to a small town fireworks party. I saw her schools and then we went to Guilin and I saw her university.

I met a lot of people at that time all with lives very different from mine. I tried to persuade them to show me where they came from. Several did so. I find their history very interesting.

Okay,but I think Dan is special.

That's it.

Of course Dan is special, just not in the way I think you mean it. She has helped me and my kids in many ways.

I have also thought about two girls who from GungXi early today.One girl gave me a very good impression when we met at the first time in colleage,so did I.Then,she moved to Guangzhou lived with his bf,husbands now.I was suprised to discover that she listened to his bf 100% when we met in GuangZhou again.I disliked her change on that.As a housewife,she has to rely on that guy.

Her last name is also Dan.

Marry a dog, follow the dog

Marry a chicken, follow the chicken

Isn't that the Chinese tradition?

Of the ones I mentioned Dan is living in Dameisha, working for an American company and travelling a lot. Kelly has followed the most traditional route by marrying her college boyfriend, but she is certainly not subservient to him. Jane married a French guy and lives in France now. Heather has moved to Shanghai. Shannon married an Australian guy and lives in Sydney. But these are not traditional girls. They came to SZ mostly straight out of college in the days when this site was very active, and they became active here too. They arrived with virtually no friends and wanted to meet people. I cannot imagine any of them following their dog or chicken.

Is Dan a Zhuang name? My Dan is Zhuang.

(There isn't Reply in blue )She is Dong not Zhuang,good at singing and dancing.Before married,she was worried about that guy would have another woman in future,and she already made the plan how to fight for that.The house they bought was paid 100% by her husband,she believed her husband is the only master of the family.


You can only indent so far and then you either reply to the most recent available slot and it comes out at the bottom, or go back to the left margin as you have.

Another woman I met in 2008 was already married to a husband who was in HK watching football and, she suspected, playing around a bit - though I doubt he could afford HK girls. It had been raining a lot and she was stuck in a flat with nothing to do. Her first idea was that we meet and if I had been in SZ maybe we would have done, but I wasn't. I told her to call her husband and tell him to come home. She did and he did. We had dinner soon after and she thanked me. Her marriage improved and she had a baby, but was still totally dependent on him.

We stayed in touch with occasional messages, and then about five years ago, she decided to get a law qualification. Everyone else told her that it was silly, but I encouraged her. She worked very hard for a year and became qualified as a legal assistant, It has given her more confidence in herself and also gets her out of the house to a job. Her husband does not like this and I don't care.



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