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Will u do something take ur time and erengy but couldn't get any real benefits?

Such as revenge.

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The page attached last time was full width.It happens sometimes.

I observed some housewives,some are really unhappy,they need to ask for money from husbands time by time but can not get as much as expected.Their dress are not fashionable,because they can't spend too much on it.

In order to take care of child and family,some ppl,usually female, decide to give up woking.Before to be a housewife,I think woman should make a deal with husband to ask all his salary to her account.

I have met a lot of women and many of them have been unhappy. This is what is called a self-selecting sample, in that the ones who are happily married have no reason to talk to me. So here's another one.

About twelve years ago I met a divorced  woman, who had a son. She had a good job as a manager in a company and earned good money, but had to work hard and all of her free time was taken up with educating her son. She was married owing to social pressure to a man she knew almost nothing about - "we hadn't even held hands". Soon after the wedding he beat her. She complained to his family who said "it's normal for a wife to be frightened of her husband". She complained to her family who said "we cannot have a divorce in our family". She stayed with him and had the son. All of her salary went into his bank account and she had to ask him for money. One time she wanted to go to Guangzhou to see some friends and had to ask him for money. He made her do something to get the money and she said it made her feel like a prostitute. Eventually she did divorce him.

I have told my daughters that they have to live with a man for at least a year before marrying.

All her money went into his account?Why?She should ask him to give all money into her account.

I guess just because he was the man, but why she did not rebel I do not know. I don't think we talked about reasons much, just how things were. It must be difficult for a traditional Chinese guy to acknowledge that his wife earns far more than he does. 



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