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recently, i found i am not very well to wear the eye-glasses,i am a guy with near-night , both 2 eyes go to 400' degree, which made me helpless and angry when i was going to take outside activities , for instance ,not only need to wrap them up for protecting them as liked playing basketball,but also mountaining with a need to replacement of sun-glass, in addtion to,you also need to make it clear once or twice in a day,if unlucky,lol...

general speaking,i do hope i can find a good solution to deal with it,but i am still afraid of failness of operation,so here i want to know more about the result of it from the forerunner, bcz this new operation bacame valid and seen in China upon 1990s and 2000s this 2 decades,i am wondering the preciseness rate of this operation and can't accept it until now,

so ,could you all guys give some comments on this issue?
i appreciate about it very much,thanks,

kindly regard,
joe tsang.

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do it. best thing you'll ever do...

the 2 greatest things are...
waking up in the morning and just being able to see stuff.
and being able to look at the woman your fucking.

I had mine done in tianjin, backwards little town, with my intern GF and the Surgeon, and it was fine. Nah do it. Nothing to worry about, except if they fuck it up and you go blind. but i got mine done in china not even a modern city like shenzhen. So go for it.

Nothing to worry about it's 2009 if you got the cash they can give you the miracle-of-sight back, even in china.
i done the eye operation last year , before i done, a lot of people ask me do not go , it well left some sequelas , but a lot of friends around me did the eye operation ,they ask me to do that ,so i feel diffcult to make a decision but i went to sunshines hospital to do the operation , now i have a good eye-sight and i didn't feel something wrong .
Cutting into a healthy eye for no other reason than convenience is a poor reason. The results are a percentage game: though the percentage of successful operations (by success we use lines of improvement in visual acuity) is proven, the risks and possible side affects for an elective surgery outweigh the benefit. There are many complications that can arise from this operation. It is possible to have worse vision, clouding of the cornea, worse night vision, dry eyes to name few complications. Additionally, once your biological clock hits the early 40's the need for near correction (reading computer, etc) will kick in, requiring glasses yet again.

Surgeons performing elective surgery make money selling the surgery. Ask yourself, "if my vision became worse and uncorrectable even with eyeglasses/contact lenses, if m eyes felt dry and irritated (gritty, sand feeling in the eye) what would the quality of my life be from that point forward?"

Your friend's or relatives success does not insure your success for an elective surgery.

Here is a link to plastic surgery disasters. If routine plastic surgery has complications, who is it possible to cut into a healthy, delicate eye and not have risks too?

Here are 2 links regarding laser surgery complications:

thanks for ur kindly information,so i decide not to take this eye surgery,maybe you would think about me coward,
whatever, i don't want to regret once if the failed operation left on me,

warmest regards !
You don't have to feel like a coward; a coward is someone who fails doing something [ by himself ] because he lacks courage.
But you don't master yourself the process of eye surgery: [ someone else ] is doing it for you, and though the success rate is high, shit sometimes happens...
Last time I disscused the topic with an ophtalmologist that performed this kind of operation, I noticed that even if the guy had roughly the same eyesight problems I do have, he was still wearing glasses...



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