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A friend visited 2 days
Hot spring 2days
Homework 2 days
Rode bike 1 day
Totally 7 days with no other way of calculation.

I spent 3 wonderful days playing with my wonderful daughter who is such a charming girl they just flew by. 


It was the best holiday in my life.


I went to Sanya with my gf: weather has been crap all through the holiday 'cause of the typhoon, people tried to scam us everywhere we went, the city is a boring shitpit and the sea is filthy.

As one beach bum to another I must concur, Sanya is lovely usually. In my travels so far in China this was the least spat on and pissed on beach I have been in China ; )

Thank you for again correcting me sir, and good morning. What the hell are you doing up at 7am on a Sunday? You shit the bed mate or what?? ; )

Damn, I never had any alcohol just had to be up for work... on a Sunday. Life can be so cruel sometimes mate ; )

Perhaps we have just been unlucky, I know Hainan island has a lot to offer: on the second day we went to a hot spring place and we loved it. Last day we walked through the jungle and it was truly amazing...

I am just disappointed by the city of Sanya, not much of a touristic place.

The city is a 'take it or leave it' city and of not much interest for me, the beach is the place to be (weather permitting of course) 

I'd like to come back to Hainan and find some time to travel the island all around. There are loads of great places to discover just out of the city.

Were you in the Yalong Bay area?  Agree with David, I love Yalong Bay, but the only place I go is Yalong Bay.  I take a taxi right from the airport to the hotel.  I have never even seen the city of Sanya.

Yalong Bay is way too expensive to my standards right now: only 5 stars hotels over there and I don't feel like I want to pay 2 or 3k for a room. You're right though, the beaches over there are really worth the trip.

Our hotel was just outside Sanya, a few mins taxi ride.



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