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would you like to find a chinese girl friend or chinese boyfriend?

why yes ?

why no ?

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Chinese girlfriend: No, I don't like the Onegina lifestyle.
Chinese boyfriend: No, I don't like Chinese boys.

what is onegina lifestyle

Girl - ONS
Boy - Fuck No.

As relationships are too expensive so no, I'll pass. For sex. I already do, and that's enough for me ;)

Relationships are expensive if your girl is a spolit hogget. Find a girl who pays for every second dinner or who prefers splitting the tab unless you are one of Mike's friends and date girls younger than your daughters.

Or date school children like Chris where a date is a McD happy meal.

Not witty!
Hurt because it's too close to the truth?

Relationships are generally expensive period, and by the way finding some girl who is going to pay for half of everything is the exception, not the rule. Needles in haystacks aside in most cases relationships are going to cost you big money. You'll be expected to pay for everything, and open the door for her as if she is superior to you. Nope. Pass. Pump em and dump em mate. Don't be a pussy.

That is what condoms are made for, and by the way pumping and dumping them is not expensive at all. You are simply a pussy that doesn't know how to get women. Money is all you need, and you don't even have to spend it on them. Having the money is enough. Aren't you they pussy that is going to marry a woman because it will make her happy? Talk about foolish. You need some lessons in how to deal with women.

You're fed up, then leave. Don't let the door hit you on your way out.



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