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Saw it on the MTR this morning, but didn't know it was in Egypt... Looked shockingly familiar, at some point. 

Same like Green Street Hooligans, back in UK !! 

Einstein said that the stupidity of mankind is infinite 

What did he say about cute and furry donkeys?

"The donkey or ass, Equus asinus, is a member of the Equidae or horse family, and an odd-toed ungulate. The words donkey and ass are applied to the domesticated E. asinus. The animal considered to be its wild ancestor is the African Wild Ass, also E. asinus."

Albert Einstein ;-)

Oh wait, I think that was Prof. Farnsworth

sports and politics should never be mixed

I don't understand why.  They both frequently involve odd-toed ungulates.

I just don't get it. Crazy people...

this reminds me very much in the payed fighters against demonstrants at tahrir place. i have friends over there. didn´t talk so far to them about that. but the al ahly ultras from zamalek were in the first line fighting the government last year so maybe it was a revenge act to destabilize the security situation. who knows.

As my mother would say,, football, give them all one each that will cut the fighting out.

No wonder i never got into football.

Thank you mother.

Sounds like a win/win situation to me.



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