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You can't fool all the people all the time - but it's fun trying

I notice that there are none of our standard discussions showing right now so let's talk about playboys again - ready Kami? One in particular - that Mike61 guy.

In my days as a moderator [retired for taking too much interest in Young Chinese Girls (YCGs) - no matter how David would like to spin it] I built up a network of spies. These are now reporting back to me that various people out there believe that I am a major playboy, where as others are convinced that I am not.

So what do you vote for [with reasons based on meeting me or my activities here]:

Playboy - takes YCGs, breaks their hearts and throws them aside like soiled gloves [P G Wodehouse]
Nice Guy - selflessly improves the mental and physical well-being of YCGs.
Not Sure

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Start your own bloody discussion Eva, and you have to include more realistic options.
The Dark Side of Eva? At this time of year that's pretty much all of you isn't it? The options don't have to be true - you have to give people the choice between the true and the false.
So you've gone for the "soiled glove" option? But failed to give any reasons - just as well maybe.
Sounds like a "not sure" to me Bunny.
I agree that I take them places that they've never been before - is that what you mean?
I vote for PLAYMAN -- I always see you hang out with many girls (at least 3 ) :-)
So that makes two of us - right?
well.. me? maybe another topic:)
BUt do real playboys [or playmen] show up in public with a whole bunch of beautiful girls? I thought that they tended to take them one at a time and hide. Maybe my technique needs to improve.
yes next time we can talk about improvements based on my experiences ;)
Thanks for the advice - I've lined up the three for this evening, but so far only two for tomorrow. Maybe Misu will turn up at the chess if I ask her.

Of course, you left the Wednesday dinner with three!! I should have been taking notes.
Just make sure that you're in my flat breakfast time tomorrow.



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