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You can't fool all the people all the time - but it's fun trying

I notice that there are none of our standard discussions showing right now so let's talk about playboys again - ready Kami? One in particular - that Mike61 guy.

In my days as a moderator [retired for taking too much interest in Young Chinese Girls (YCGs) - no matter how David would like to spin it] I built up a network of spies. These are now reporting back to me that various people out there believe that I am a major playboy, where as others are convinced that I am not.

So what do you vote for [with reasons based on meeting me or my activities here]:

Playboy - takes YCGs, breaks their hearts and throws them aside like soiled gloves [P G Wodehouse]
Nice Guy - selflessly improves the mental and physical well-being of YCGs.
Not Sure

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See response on your page - you'll probably never look here again.
As I'm even older that Bismark I would have to agree with his spelling - see you again the next time I visit the ladies' toilet.
I wore the red pants to the Jin Bar last night, but you weren't there. I think that most of the girls enjoy having me around.
K-litter...meant kitty litter....where the cat takes a dump. Bismark didn't misspell it, .....get it now?
That's so many levels of retard I barely have words to describe it accurately.

if you failed to get the major sarcasm imbedded in this topic, then shame on you :-P
Biz Markie is still fuming over everyone taking the piss out of Obama winning a Nobel Peace Prize.



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