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Review by Nichole L. Reber

It may be the ambiance that brings some to The Kitchen Futian. Sleek, minimalist furniture in red and black matches accoutrements. Softly
played world
lounge music pairs well with commissioned art on the walls. Outside, heaters defy cold weather during winter while robust plants grant privacy from surrounding restaurants.

If that’s not enough to draw you in, consider the menu’s expansiveness. It’s filled with pan-Western dishes from Italian to Tex Mex and steaks to fish ‘n’ chips. Its numerous vegetarian options and brunch may also whet your appetite.

To start we ordered the beef carpaccio and the Greek salad. The tasty carpaccio, lightly drizzled with lemon and extra virgin olive oil, surprised my friend with its slight spice and its side of marvelously marinated green bean salad (RMB 65). My Greek salad’s supposedly feta cheese was actually goat cheese (RMB 50), which I deemed preferable.

Finally we moved on to the entrées. I relished the seemingly innumerable layers of pasta and bite-sized chunks of fresh veggies in the vegetarian lasagna (RMB 80). The shape– more like Shephard’s pie, less like a tower of layers– initially proved a bit curious. It did, however, result in a pasta moister than the traditional tower. My friend tried the sweet potato gumbo (RMB 75). It usually comes with miniature polenta cakes, but this time it appeared like a crown around a scoop of rice. He didn’t get very far into the dish, though, because the excess salt seemed to pucker his lips.

Now onto the dessert. My friend’s fresh, moist profiterolles were topped with creamy vanilla ice cream and then decadently layered with warm chocolate sauce (RMB 55). I, however, went trad. I happily dug into the vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate sauce (RMB 55). These desserts truly were the cherry on top, leaving us with an overall positive impression of the place.

In addition to irresistible wine pairings and impressive holiday events, The Kitchen Futian also offers delivery and catering.
Coco Park District C
Shopping Park - Shop 144
Mingtian Road, Futian
Call 2531-3860

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Actually they dont say they are French restaurant. As I see They say some international dishes etc..

I think It was mentioned by a member here by mistake, then She already gave up:)
It's a great restraunt that delivers...That's a winner in my books.
Yes, I love the Kitchen.

They do have some french dishes that you will probably not find anywhere else in Shenzhen.
But I crave for their hamburgers, the fajitas, the Tbone steak, great and so cheap...
I just love the The Kitchen.
My favourite restaurant in Shenzhen. I never got disapointed and that they are serving fusion cuisine i mentioned before.
Tried their Veggie Brunch...Quite Decent for a non-existent similar place in Sz...
I love the Kitchen. Quesadillas and Extreme Burgers.

I like the ambiance of The Kitchen, and the elegant French lady Michele who runs this restaurant.
The most famous French restaurant in SheKou Casablanca was started by her many years ago.
Just had their delicious mexican foods. It was also nice to meet Michele, Karin and Shirley the lovely ladies.
I ate there for the first time last night.

In comparison to other restaurants in Shenzhen it is very good. It is not at the level of some of the best restaurants in the city for example some that are found in the international hotels.

Service is excellent. The staff speaks English well.
Except for the steak I would rate the food as very good to excellent.
For me the atmosphere is a problem. The restaurant is very small, the tables are close together and smells from the kitchen (not all bad, some enjoyable) come into the dinning area.

I had the crab and avocado appetizer, the filet mignon steak, the creme brule (sic) for desert and tasted the hamburger.

The beef steak was ok, but I am very critical about beef. I think for most foreigners they would find the steak to be very good. If you are a real beef lover you most likely will find the steak to be average, but it is one of the best compared to what you find in Shenzhen.

If you are a real beef lover and you are having a beef craving and can not wait until you get to Hong Kong you will be satisfied but not impressed.

The hamburger was very good. The best part was the bun (bread). Usually in China this is a problem, but the Kitchen does it right.

The deserts were excellent.

The wine list is excellent with a good selection of wine by the glass. I had an Australian Merlot that was excellent.

I believe the steaks were around 150RMB, hamburger maybe 80RMB, appetizers and salads around 50RMB.

I think the problem is that for about the same price I can enjoy a similar quality meal in an international 5 star hotel and also enjoy a more private and romantic atmosphere.

I would congratulate the owners and manager for a job well done and we appreciate the restaurant being in our community.
I am usually extremely wary of eating Western food in Shenzhen, so when my Chinese girlfriend took me here for lunch I wasn't really expecting much.

Color me pleasantly surprised.

She had a sandwich, which was solid, and I took a gamble on their Eggs Benedict. It wasn't perfect - they didn't use an English muffin (understandable, considering it'd probably enormously jack up the price of the dish), and there was far too much spinach. That said, the poached eggs were quite fresh and they did a very decent job on the hollandaise sauce.

Even with my limited sample size, I can feel confidant saying that The Kitchen is the best western restaurant outside of a hotel in Futian (perhaps Shenzhen?). Prices are quite reasonable - I will definitely go back whenever I have a craving for Western food. The one thing that was a little "meh" was the decor, but perhaps its just not my cup of tea.

Good place!
Awesome restaurant. Me and my girlfriend (who doesnt like most western food) went, I had the ribs and she had the fajitas. Bth were really good and came in generous portions. Every dish that the waiters brought out of the Kitchen looked great. Nice ambience, good service too and its probably the cheapest place in Shenzhen to buy a Corona at 25RMB most places charge much more for that.

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