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We live in the most interesting time in human history.


We have information at the touch of our fingers with the internet.

We have incredible multimedia, amazing entertainment, awesome new products.

We are constantly breaking new ground with exponentially increasing technology.

We have social media allowing us to record and share our lives with others.

The world is smaller than ever, for the first time in history we can travel the world, or meet people from around the planet

We have near constant breakthroughs in medicine such as regrowing organs, delaying the effects of ageing and more.

We (most of us) no longer live in a time of classical slavery or oppression.

Our planet also faces the biggest problems it ever has.

We are depleting our resources, polluting the world, destroying its habitats, overpopulating it

We are on the verge of a financial collapse, we have technological unemployment, growing debt, increased resource scarcity

We live in a time where our governments hold weapons that can wipe out nearly the entire human race

We are experiencing more natural disasters than ever

Also we finally understand the size of the universe.

We live on a tiny blue planet... one of billions in our galaxy...

Our galaxy is only 1 of billion others

We are but the tiniest speck in existence.

At the same time we are starting to be able to manipulate the tiniest of atoms ourselves.

We are witnessing the birth of amazing nano technologies, of 3d printing, of commercialized space flight, of genetic engineering.

We will likely see the downfall of current capitalism and a transition to something new.

We live in a time where the human race will likely have to come together and work as one, or destroy each other due to the weight of our problems.

We will likely see a transformation of the entire planet within our lifetimes.


We definitely live in the most interesting time in human history.

So if you're bored... You're doing something wrong.


Look at how amazing the time we live in is... both the good and bad... there is so much happening, so much to see, so much to experience!

If you're single and waiting at home for the right 'one' to come along, you’re missing the point of being alive at this time!

Get out there! Take chances, take risks! Ask that cute person out on a date, talk to that attractive stranger on the subway, flirt with someone u think is interesting!

It doesn't matter what you do as long as you DO IT, as long as your LIVING and not just letting this incredible time to be alive pass you by.

Stop worrying about failure, or rejection, or saving face. It doesn't mean anything, we are the smallest people on the smallest planet in the smallest corner of the universe, we will all be dead in 150 years, seriously, who cares if you get rejected!?

Stop worrying about fitting in, about looking like a slut or a playboy or a loser or any other negative word... fuck it all, just take action, follow your passion, do what you secretly and honestly desire!!

Stop worrying about what others think of you, and stop judging others... get out of your head, get into the moment, and follow your heart towards that which brings you happiness~


We only get 1 life, and its short, but it’s during the most interesting time in human history... when you get old and you look back on how you lived what do you want to see? What do you want to remember?

Do you want to remember how u sat there and let life pass you by as you tried to fit in, and tried to be normal, and tried to follow your culture, and tried to make a comfortable safe harmless life while focusing on and complaining about tiny problems?

Or do you want to have stories, and memories, and adventure, and failures and successes, the ups and downs, and the risks you took and the rewards you reaped and the times you had your heart broken, and the times you loved with your full heart, and all the happiness and sadness and laugher that goes with it all.

Act on your impulses, be spontaneous, gain experiences! You miss all the chances you don't take, so just act!!

The message I’m trying to get across is that it doesn’t matter as long as u aren’t bored... as long as u are truly living... not merely existing.


If this inspires you in any way then you owe it to yourself to take action. It doesn't matter what as long as it scares you a little and takes you out of your comfort zone... do something you wouldn't normally do just for fun.

Create a memory for yourself... whether good or bad... come out with a story.


and most of all... during this most interesting time in human history... don't be bored.


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Well, I am bored...and come to think about it- it's been a while;

The good thing is this artical made me a little bit less-bored, or at least made me believe that I can actually be less-bored.

I guess the message for myself simply is" f**k it, I'll do it my own way!"

Thanks, Devin. Nice article.




Well said Devin.. You have a way with words..

Im on standby on a ship offshore malaysia for the next 6 weeks, with no work, no books, no games and with internet as slow as 2kbs. I AM BORED

Do I know you dude? What's your deal?
You're just full of positive energy and friendliness aren't you? 

 ...and you're not the least bit ashamed about this revelation? But instead you actually seem to be proud of it??

Bullying is a childish mentality that most people leave back in highschool. We're all adults now and we should try to communicate like them. Since you asked for more commonsense self help maybe I can provide some constructive criticism about this and your other posts.


Bullying others usually comes from a place of deep seeded insecurities, a lack of control or a feeling of inferiority in a persons life which can translate into a desire to control or put others down to raise ones own self esteem.

Mocking others... especially on internet forums... makes a person look incredibly immature.

Making false assumptions about others, and projecting ideas onto them with no logical reasoning or evidence shows a lack of critical thinking skills.

Insulting the work of others without providing any constructive criticism, examples, or reasoning shows a cynical negativity-creating mindset with no desire for positive outcomes.

These are of course general blanket statements, who knows if they apply to you specifically or not, however you do create this impression. I'm going to try my best not to judge you, who knows what kind of life experiences led you to these behaviors, but I encourage you to try to better yourself.


As young adults we should be beyond these things... We should instead be concerned with how we can create a good life for ourselves and how to positively contribute to society.

As my article tried to get across... we live in the most interesting time in human history... we should think carefully about how we spend this gift of a life... and the internet is like the most amazing technological achievement we could have imagined for hundreds of thousands of years, using it to insult, belittle and mock others seems like such a waste...

...which is why I'll take my own advice as well, reevaluate how i'm spending my time and stop responding to pointless non-constructive criticisms as well... i hate having to get so logical on here all the time to respond to the nonsense... rather be out havin fun~ 

peace out bitches!

you get this talent, good piece of work. cheers.......

You are amazing!!!

yes just try the adventure. anyway

nice one! thanks for sharing with us!

yes! really bored, this so many words article make me bored too



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