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Lets collect information about Heavy Metal and Hard Rock life style in SZ and China.
Clubs, websites, actions, meetings, chinese HM culture, clothers etc.

Lets meeting under heavy guitars sound

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Me either. The only metal I've seen around is in the cars, the buildings, etc... Perhaps I haven't looked for it hard enough, but I haven't been to any place where I can actually I listen to it.
Heavy metal / extreme metal is popular here, especially among musicians. I used to live in Taipei and there were quite a few black metal / death metal bands there. HK has a few too. Not sure about SZ.

When I go into guitar shops here I see lots of advanced distortion pedals and BC Rich-type guitars with pointy headstocks and so on ... so I gotta believe that some people must dig it.

But the music shops are all stocked with cantopop / mandopop / treacly stuff. I wonder where the SZ kids get their music from. Must be BitTorrent.
I'm a schoolteacher of Spanish and, from my experience, it does't seem the kids dig heavy metal at all. I tried to solve the problem by playing them some Spanish hm, but I'm afraid they still prefer Jay Chow. Sorry to be so negative.
can i join it????
OK, Tina, you can be our Guangzhou metal spokes-model! ^_^

Martin, I think you're probably right for the most part. I think metal is probably only popular with a small subset of the population....

So did anyone find any metal-style clothing shops yet? in Dongmen maybe?
Of coz! You are first chinese girl in this group! Wellcome! What you can say about HM culture in China?



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