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Casting Call Auditions for Male/Female Singers – Must be Caucasian or Black

Casting Call
Auditions for Male/Female Singers – Must be Caucasian or Black

Category: Singers
Job Description: Seeking Caucasian
or Black Male/Female Singers for casting auditions for FT/PT positions singing
in clubs, entertainment and party venues across South China.  Working time 30 minutes per night (1 set of
30 mins or 2 sets of 15 mins, 5-6 songs maximum)
Job date: ASAP.  Please contact for further information on
casting dates
Job length: PT/FT 3/6/12 months
contracts available.  FT: Between 20-28
days per month.  PT: Between 7-15 days
per month
Location: South China  
Wage: Very good. Monthly salary
basis with travel cost to/from each job provided.  Weekly salary basis for PT singers also

If you are interested in the above casting/position please email me at

Many thanks,

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Replies to This Discussion

Does it pay in peanuts or bananas?
Both depending on your experiences and your personal taste
Excellent! (make mine bananas!)
Do you think this new gig of yours is based on EXPLOITING foreigners?
I assume your audience is Chinese.
And if so, how do you feel about that?

Peanuts, bananas, exploitation? I certainly don't think so. I thought you were joking sorry!

My job is trying to open doorways in the China entertainment market for creative foreign talent. Everyone of our performers has a choice to take a job or not to take a job.

Nice website by the way, very interesting.

Oh I see, you are an agent capitalizing on other's talent.
Why didn't you say so?



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