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Hey, I'm looking to improve my badminton... I am a decent squash player/coach... so I am relatively fit and have some ok shots. But it is not really badminton specific. I'd love to play with some locals that are of a good standard, so that i can a) learn from you and b) give you a bit of a challenge after a few sessions!

I live in Nanshan, so would prefer to play around here.. but I'm open to suggestions.

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:) i have some friends play well. wanna come to luohu and join us????o
Hey Somebody! (great name btw ;-p )
Luohu is far, but I can definitely consider it. When and where exactly do you play?
Ha! I think I can assist you too, but only after I am back from my holidays ;-) I am not local though....
So the Russians can play badminton Viks? Look forward to your return... haven't seen you since.. err.. the first time i met you!!!
Hi! I've been playing badminton for a while and would be interested to play. I live in Nanshan too but I work late so I am used to play after 9 back when I lived in Guangzhou. I need to brush up on my skills.
Hi Van, good to hear from you... since this post I've played with Cathy and her friends in Shekou/Nanshan... I think she intends to play every week weds or thurs night 8-10pm... could you join us when you finish work? I will find out what day it is this week, and let you know :-)
Hi,Simon, i am also looking for some people can play badminton on Weds, Can i join your team?

Any activities happening this week or today....Plz let me know I am in....

That's cool. I'm usually free Thursdays or Fridays. Let's ave this set up so we can have a good badminton group.
Hi Van, I am playing with Cathy+friends on Wednesday, 8-10pm. You are welcome to join.
We play at the Bali Badminton Hall in Nanshan/Shekou...I'm not sure of the exact address, so I have attached a map :-)

Google Map Link
Hi Simon....

Well Wednesday seems cool but I don't think I will make it at that time you play. How about if we also play on Thursday or Friday?

Please PM me so I could send my number and we could organize and arrange games.

hi all, any badminton activity in luohu??


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