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I'm all about finding new ways to continually improve the learning experience while participating in these Chinese corners. What do you guys think we can do differently next time? What would help you to take better advantage of your time? All ears!! Thanks guys

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1\ Maybe we need to focus on a topic in each meeting to let everyone can have enough opporunity to speak out loud. haha~
2\ Some games, to build up vocabulary and develop other skill in Chiense.

Every member can take turns to organize the meeting including topics, discussions, activities, or games.
Thanks Dawn, I think a game might be a good idea for our next meeting, I'd also like to encourage smaller group discussions (2-3 people) to focus on giving plenty of opportunity for listening and speaking for all parties. Have to keep it fun though and I like the idea of always having some "free-reign" time for everyone to chat amongst themselves. Don't want anyone looking at the corner as a class hehe.
Ok, ok, I understand! ha~



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