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Host: Hanbridge Mandarin School

Audience: Boys and girls age 6 to 18 years old from all over the world with any Chinese language levels.

Location: Shenzhen and Chengdu

Time: Every Monday from 20th June to 15th Jul and 18th Jul to 12th Aug

What type of camps you can work with:

1.Day camp:includes Chinese classes, afternoon activities and lunch.

2.Home stay Camp: Our Homestay Summer Camp program is designed specifically for students who want an exciting and fully integrated learning experience.

3.Family Package: This program is incredibly flexible and can be tailored to fit around your schedule & any projects that you have for your trip to China.

Application Deadline: End on Jul 15, 2016.

Apply Now:

Phone: 400-600-2202 (China)  1-800-348-2380 (US & Canada)


Skype: Hanbridge.Mandarin

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There are so many culture activities, looks great!



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