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Nihao, everyone, I'm Steve Qi, a native Chinese man who have lived in China for almost 30 years. Also I'm an International Chinese Teacher, have good skill of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. I've obtained the senior qualification certificate of International Chinese Language Teachers Association(ICLTA). 

I can be your personal private tutor, which makes you not only learn Chinese Language, but also be familliar with Chinese culture, travelling or anything about China that you want to know.

Whether you are a beginners or intermediate, I will customize a course plan that is suitable for you. 

The style of my class,
1 It will be all Chinese, I will give you a pure Chinese environment,so that you can get used to the Chinese speaking custom, and slowly you will think in Chinese.
2 I will let you speak more, think more, not just learn the grammar or words, so that you will practise more in the class.
3 there will be many things about Chinese culture in my class, so that you can learn more, not only words

A free trial lesson at the first time is provided for you to decide whether my lesson is good for you.

Anyway, please feel free to contact me if you want to learn Chinese Mandarin.I'm willing to be your good tutor and helpful friend.

My wechat ID 1405041319.

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