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Here is space for you to record the urls of online resources you have found useful in learning Chinese. Please feel free to leave as much input as you'd like! I'm sure this information will be very useful for me and others in the near future.

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Replies to This Discussion - online dictionary and wiki, brilliant for looking up words and finding the context in which they are used. - online dictionary and wiki project, good for translations since it gives you the word breakdowns in pinyin and hanzi. The dictionary isn't as good as nciku though and the site's a little ugly.
You can create and join groups in nciku too, has some good community features.
thanks for that Gareth - I got a boatload I'm going to post on here... when I find the bloody list! - has audio lessons, reading and writing exercises. also has forums, news and other china-related matters. - podcast of very useful and practical lessons. my chinese got a lot better with chinesepod.



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