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There is no short list of resources to pull from when it comes to learning Chinese. The trick it seems is to tailer them to your own learning style. What resources, books, sites, materials, techniques, etc have you utilized and how do you make use of them? Each of our experiences will be unique on the journey and sharing that with others with the same destination can have a powerful positive impact.

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thanks for the post mate! Though decapitation might be a little severe ;)
I'm still looking for the answer to that question... how to learn Chinese???

For sure, practicing and being on a Chinese environment, the problem (at least for me and my friends -my personal opinion-) is that we struggle to find ways to make a western life here... and for what I've seen, just those who really try to get into the chinese culture, live, and force themselves to create the Chinese atmosphere - movies, friends, activities, study, tv, music, KTV....- are the ones who actually learn.
... I wish I had the time and the persistence...

I've learn some basis on, it's really good, they have good stuff there, and with 15 min to 1 hour (depending on your time) you can get some chinese everyday.

i think you might find interesting this blog of someone who really did the homework. (speaks chinese) - as I told you, I haven't succeed on that task so I'm not the right person to give advices-
Check it:

For me, chinesepod and sharing with chinese friends will do it ... 越来越好!

Thanks Javier, I agree chinese pod is a pretty nifty product. I haven't used it but I've heard a lot of good and bumped into it several times bouncing around on Google. Right now my toughest problem is getting my head out of "English" mode and thinking + speaking in Chinese. The time to process is too long on the speaking and receiving end - tough going but I have to tell myself its worth it hehe :)
This tip came from a Swedish guy living in Beijing who's got better Chinese than some Chinese people. He literally rote learned pinyin perfectly, so everything he says is pretty much in perfect 普通话. He memorised poems, lines from films, songs etc in perfect Chinese. He learned Chinese like Chinese children do, no shortcuts, just wrote learning. He said in the first year his Chinese was really limited but what he did say was always correct. Quite unorthodox from a 老外 perspective but it worked for him. 3 years in China and his Chinese is 太厉害了. I've not tried this approach yet, but I know I would benefit from going over all the pinyin for the 汉字 I know to ensure what I say is correct (although correct Chinese is often wasted in Shenzhen, especially in taxis!) and learning some songs or poems, even if they are full of 肉麻的歌词.
It is very interesting to read what you wrote here:)
thanks for reading ec!
There is no short ways but there are some ways as below.
1. Choose what you love and love what you choose.
Don't consider it as a hard task but just enjoy it every moment as enjoying the chocolate. If you don't like it, don't force yourself as you will not be good at it. Things could be done correctly but not well if you just need to do it instead of loving to do it.
2. Compare with English.
If your first language is English, please compare Chinese with it and get the difference between each other. You can find you don't learn it from zero but base on something you are born with.
3. Learn it with your heart in the daily life.
Try to figure out the reasons or discuss with the people around it that people express themselves in that way. Don't feel shy though the people around you are Chinese. They are kind and glad to tell you their opinion, treating you as the good boy loving studying & their culture. You will also find it is more and more interesting to learn it.
4. Get some Chinese friends........
Tom gave this to me.
Tom, how are you going with this approach?

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