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Dear brothers and sisters, I will be moving to SZ in Mid-Sept.  Want to find out if there is any English Bible Study Group, or Ladies' Bible Study Group during the weekday morning or afternoon in the city center area.  I will be living in the far east of Luohu so going to Shekou will be too far a journey for me.  Also, is there any Sunday service in English in the city center area? 

Thanks in advance for your information.  I am desperate to learn God's word and to become baptized, but I will be traveling on the weekends to see my parents and in-laws so I won't be able to join the weekend classes regularly!  I really need some help here! May God bless you all.


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Our English/Chinese Sunday service is held in Dong Men at 1530. On weekday we have an English Bible Study on Friday night. You can write to my email at for details. For Chinese speaking groups we have a number around Dong Men and Qing Shui He area.

You are welcome.




Thanks for the information Jonathan.  Can you please tell me where is Dong Men?  Which metro station is it closed to? Is yours the Shenzhen Christian Church?


It is the second station in the Lowu metro line. Come out at Exit B in Guo Mao station and walk straight towards Pang Lin Hotel. We are just opposite of Pang Lin hotel in Hua Du Yuan building. The ground floor is Mc Donald.

We are a family Church originate from the Vineyard Church where John Wimber founded.


Hello Jonathan:

Can you share with me more about your family church ?This is Lara,as I am looking for a biblical church here in Shenzhen, hope to hear from you

Hi Juliana, a good news that the Main church in Shenzhen (Meilin Church) will start the English service from Sep 16th, every Sunday from 7 PM to 8 PM. Welcome to Join us. God Bless! The address of Meilin Church is in Meilin of Futian District.



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