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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

A good news that the Main church in Shenzhen (Meilin Church) will starts the English service from Sep 16th, every Sunday from 7 PM to 8 PM. Welcome to Join us. God Bless!

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Hi, imnew here in shenzhen may i know how i can get to this church im statying in Futian. thanx

take the metro to che gong miao, then u can hop in a taxi and tell them to take u to Sha Mu Hui Yuan Dian (Sam's club) it's right next to it.

HiYou can take the Longhua line on the metro to Shangmeillin. There is an English service each Sunday starting at 7pm lasting to 8.30pm. The church is in Meillin lu not far from the metro exit.

"Hi, Shenzhen Christian Church is located in Meilin, Futian. The detail address is No.126, Meilin Road, Futian.

I don't know where you live, but you can take bus 30、35、44、45、60、67、201、207、240、242、324、361 and get off at Meilin Ercun. Also, you can take take the Longhua line on the metro to Shangmeillin, and take bus for few more stops. Thanks.

that's great news. god bless all.

are there still services ?

Yes, Tom. every Sunday starts from 7 and ends at 8 PM.


I will attend the English service. I can't find or get in their website. Is there another website for Meilin Church?

Only one i have is- but the response says "Bad Request", so not sure what is going on.

Any suggestions?





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