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Discover Cha is builit to follow Mabol's tea dream, who majored in tea science(茶学) in HZAU and graduated with master degree, now she's on the way to achieve a real Cha(茶)Master. With initial purpose of sharing refined tea with tea lovers, we have been to many places. On the tea journey, we've fallen in love with Yunnan. And found out that,yes,tea can talk! There are teas like emperors who are powerful and ambitious; or pretty ladies who are elegant and soft; There are teas like sophisticated elder wise men, who can inspire you; or lovely cute kids, who will only bring you simple joy.

Till now we have better understanding of tea, therefore, we are able to offer you:
1.YunNan teas(云南茶叶)
-Raw puerh(生茶)
-Ripe puerh(熟茶))
-Yunnan black tea(滇红)
-Customized tea(私人定制)
-Other teas orignate from Yunnan(其他茶叶)

2.Tea consultant & training(茶叶咨询培训)
-Tea culture(茶文化)
-Tea art specialist(茶艺师)
-Tea taster specialist(评茶师)
-Basic Chinese about tea(茶艺汉语)
-Tea processing(茶叶加工)
-Others (其他)

3.Tea tour(茶山行)

Location: KunMing, China
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DiscoverCha 彩云国茶语茶艺中英双语微课

Hey, for all the friends who like tea, please click here(Discover Cha) to learn tea and tea culture in both Chinese and English. 点击(茶艺双语微课)这里学习更多的茶艺微课。欢迎收藏,随时翻阅。I take both Chinese and foreign students into consideration. 我相信中英双语对课程本身,营造中英双语语境和提高大家的积极性都是很有帮助的。






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