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F518 Idea Land

Since it opened on December 7th, 2007, in line with the strategic principle of “making Shenzhen stronger through the development of its culture” of Shenzhen government, F518 Idea Land has demonstrated a tremendous capacity of culture productivity based on its years of experience as well as the comprehensive integration of plans and supporting resources. It sets out in the field of culture, grows up with the belief in culture and gets mature in culture independence and development.

Shenzhen F518 Idea Land, located in the center area of Bao’an, was the project of major cultural industries project according to the layout of Shenzhen and Bao’an’s Eleventh Five-Year Plan, established on 7th December, 2007, with planned building covering totally 250,000 square meters. Phase I covers 60,000 square meters and buildings cover around 140,000 meters. Total investment is 350 million RMB. The park consist of apartments, parking lots and 6 theme areas, namely, Shenzhen No. 1 Creative Celebrity Studio, F518 Creative Forefront, Shenzhen Modern Art Base, Status Arcade, Exhibition Center and Avant-garde Hotel. F518 has been devoted to joining creative culture and regional industries, upgrading industries, and fostering the development of the region and the park. In the park, we have innovative research and designing teams, pioneer original artists, platforms for breeding creativity, comprehensive room for idea exchange and most efficient talents for realizing designing and arts. The Park, characterized by the gathering of designers, nice service platform system and creative projects is targeted to develop into an innovative industry park, which offers services such as industry design, graphic design, brand planning, movie and animation, new media, Architecture and environment design.

F518 Idea Land has developed into a typical culture creation community which has a significant impact on the creative remodeling of its surrounding environment. It keeps attracting and introducing talents of creative ideas and medium-and-high-end talents to live and work in Bao’an District. It has facilitated the development of the urbanization, industrialization, informatization and internationalization of the city through the cluster construction of culture industries. After about five years of development, F518 Idea Land has become a shining name card of creative culture of Bao'an District and even the whole Shenzhen City.

Location: baoyuan road, baoan district, shenzhen
Members: 33
Latest Activity: Nov 20, 2014

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Comment by Beibei Fu on May 12, 2013 at 8:54pm

F518 Exhibition Center

Located in the center of F518 Idea Land, the Exhibition Center separates the creative space in postmodern architectural style and the street in traditional Chinese architectural style and thus divides F518 Idea Land into two regions: one is dynamic and the other is static. With a triple-interlocked structure, F518 Exhibition Center covers an area of 1,300 square meters, and a gross floor area of 3,400 square meters, so it can serve as the venue for a great variety of design exhibitions, art exhibitions, lectures, forums, fashion shows, small theater performances, live music, evenings, launch conferences, ordering conferences, salons, film and TV program shooting activities.

The Exhibition Center not only has excellent music, lighting effects and electronic equipment, but also has a team of excellent execution that can provide strong support for the launch of a variety of products. Staying committed to the original intention of launching and exhibiting products of F518 enterprises, the Exhibition center has unconsciously grown into one of the most outstanding exhibition center on creative achievements of Bao’an District.

An important component of F518 strategic plan is to be the value demonstration center for global designers and artists, which actually refers to positioning of F518 Exhibition Center. The Exhibition Center endows “Interpretation" with an extraordinarily attractive meaning and develops the brand exhibition stage into a dazzling public service platform. Since 2009, F518 has held many impressive exhibitions in cooperation with different creative enterprises.

We aim to develop the Exhibition Center into a first-class multi-function display platform and a never-ending exhibition. This creative exhibition space keeps growing along with the growing of the cultural industry in Bao’an District. Since the Exhibition Center was established from transformation in 2009, it has held over 162 activities, serving 98 customers home and abroad. The excellent creative releasing functions of F518 Idea Land are so well-known nationwide that a lot of national and global brands choose to launch their products, hold exhibitions and carry out promotion activities at F518 and the Exhibition Center also wins favorable comments from a lot of customers.

Comment by Beibei Fu on May 12, 2013 at 8:40pm

the hotel now is open.

Comment by Qingqing Fan on November 29, 2011 at 6:42pm

Look up to Utopia—Shenzhen Art Base five-year Exhibition

This December, is the Creative month in Shenzhen, also the F518 Art Base has been set up for 5 years.

This is the worst era and also is the best era, is the prosperous and stable era of spiritual mediocrity. Is this the Utopia of art creating? Or is it the Utopia of art consumption? What kind of Utopia you would like to see?  



Date: 10th of Dec—25th of Dec

Time: 9 o’clock- 17:00 o’clock

Opening Date: 10th of Dec 16:00 o’clock

Location: F518 Exhibition Center

Curator: Wei Xiong, Zheng Yang, Yi He, Zhe Zi, Xiangling Liu, Wei Lai

Exhibition: oil paintings, sculpture, installation, performance, video and music.

Comment by Qingqing Fan on October 27, 2011 at 2:20pm

International Music Festival in upcoming November, US Post-rock band The Album Leaf (Nov.12, Sat), French Black Metal Alcest (Nov.18, Fri), Russian Post-rock Band Mooncake(Nov.26, Sat),UK Post-rock Epic 45(Nov. 29, Tuesday) will perform in F518. This November, Rock and Roll!

More  activities information:

Comment by Qingqing Fan on September 6, 2011 at 3:46pm

Comment by Qingqing Fan on September 6, 2011 at 3:45pm



Comment by Qingqing Fan on September 6, 2011 at 3:40pm

Shenzhen F518 Art Base

Shenzhen F518 Art Base is a group who is a free combination of contemporary artists. It is a living camp for Shenzhen contemporary artists and also it is an immature school of art. 

LEFT means a direction, which clearly refers to the orientation. In today’s world interpretation of this world is dialysis for a kind of firm willpower, and deliberately maintains and emphasizes the gestures. (In today's explaination, it dianlysis a kind of firm willpower and high attitude. )As art, "left” and conservatism is contrary, with risk meaning, pursuit of the spirit of freedom and independence to create the artistic ideal. F518 Art Base is located in the left street of Shenzhen F518 Idea Land, which is an art village, is such a true to his faith and art direction, at meanwhile, it is committed to the development of the local avant-garde art in Shenzhen.

F518 Art Base has more than 40 artists and the total artistic area achieves around 10,000 square meters. Refers to all kinds of art forms’ exploration: such as paintings, sculpture, installation, performance, video, music, poetry and other literary forms of culture. F518 Art Base is the primary basis for the artists’ gregarious, life and creation, and they are constantly organizing academic exhibitions, continually launching and introducing artists and their works, it gets a good social effect. F518 Art Base already plan all kinds of cultural exchange activities, such as international art free space, applied by overseas artists and judged by F518 Idea Land, selected a suitable from applicants from works of outstanding artists, for creating activities to enrich the interaction with local artists. Inviting overseas art group visiting and holding exhibition, it is not only the arts had a positive impact for the artistic area, and also it brings the new atmosphere for the F518 culture and local culture development, it has been already become the bright point for Shenzhen’s cultural project. As the management side, F518 is one of the sub sessions of International Culture Industrial Fair each year, and it have been successfully hold partly exhibitions, and actively cooperate with the “Cultural Establishment” city development strategy, And has nearly a hundred media, domestic and foreign art galleries, artists, institutions have established good strategic partnership, as the vanguard of cultural construction in Shenzhen to make positive efforts.

Shenzhen F518 Art Base is based on greets and establishment of local pioneers’ arts and cultural ecology, and trying to build a cultural ecology which is closely related with Shenzhen. Adhere to an independent, objective academic attitude, and actively take on Shenzhen and cultural development to promote social responsibility. Actively guide the public to participate in Shenzhen new culture, new art development and process. Shenzhen Art Base aggregated and attracted outstanding artists at home and abroad to carry out a variety of artistic activities, so avant-garde art in South China became an important window and the art card of new urban construction and human culture.  

F518 Art Base has been in F518 Idea Land three years, within this art street, it gathers a lot of home and abroad artists. They have original modern and contemporary art and vibrant passion, painting within their own ideal of life and city sky.

Therefore, it doesn’t need to extend that much. We already clearly known about “Left Street”: this is ecology of retaining contemporary art, which is about the most directly and clearly description about the Shenzhen original local pioneer paintings.



Art Director: Xiong Wei

Contact: 0755-29558303

Fax: 0755-29666000

Address: F518 Art Base, F518 Idea Land, Baoyuan Road, Bao’an District, Shenzhen

Postcode: 518102



Sina Weibo:

Comment by Qingqing Fan on September 1, 2011 at 11:00am

New term, new beginning --- Heart to Art Graffiti Party

Free art workshop

Topic: new term new beginning
Date:Sat, Sept 3rd 2011
活动时间 Time:14:00---19:00
Location: F518 Idea Land, Baoan District
Organized by: F518 Idea Land 、Heart to Art---Studio 11
Maybe you don’t know Heart to Art---Studio 11. Now you should remember it. It’s an international team established by three young people, Alain from the Netherlands, Jonathan from Great Britain and Yuan Le from China. They have lived in Shenzhen over 5 years and each of them has a successful career. They travel a lot every year for business and have good connections with galleries and Art Associations in the UK, France, Holland, and the US and etc. Each of them has their own opinions in art. In 2011, they decided to set up an international communication platform for artists from all over the world. Foreign artists will be invited to work here for several weeks and also potential Chinese artists will be chosen to have their art exhibited in famous galleries across the world.

Activities: Graffiti, DJ street dance,art communication and so on

Comment by Felicity on August 17, 2011 at 9:27am
i live in F518,lol
Comment by Siobhan Pippi Lumsden on August 2, 2011 at 12:28pm
thanks for making a group for this really cool district- Moonlit Sailor were wicked! looking forward to the next few gigs coming up.


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