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Friend of mine asked me this question recently, as for me, I don't think good looking is number 1 characteristic. I think confidence, knowledge, career is extremely importent for an attractive woman. What is the ideal attractive woman in your mind?

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My ideal attractive woman would be positive, confident, mature, fun to be with, experienced, classy and sexy. Is that too much to ask from a girl?
I don't think its too much to ask. I think the man who are positive, confident, mature and fun to be with, are also really attractive. I guess it is same stand for man and woman.
I love the sexy, fun, easygoing, inteligent, less judgamental and caring girls!!!! thats the atractive girl on my opinion.
I think for women selves ,too many rules and standards wont help much to become attractive,,
simply be yourself , is the best way to start attracting people ,
be a real person first ,
then try learning from life , enjoying life , planning for future life...
never give up anything you believe on , your desire and your dreams , no matter what ...
I think You are deadly attractive woman for many people already.
( No men can resist your glamours if you know you are a unique individual.)
I think as long as being yourself,no hiding no lies...confident, then you are an attractive woman,
A ttractive woman, 对于我来说女人在生活中占有多种角色,有吸引力的女人要懂得生活和people. 最重要的是understand self and understand others. (拥有美的梦活有激情的现实)当然当女人在演每个角色时有是有激情和认真的态度去对待。这样的女人对我来说是最厉害的也是最吸引的(外表和内在兼并)

How to be an attractive woman? The beauty of inner side might be No.1 attactive things. well, as for the inner beauty, just like the inner peace, the style of conersation, the temperament which come from our life experiences as well as the inspiration from that. we can have travelling a lot, chat a lot with kinds of peple both during work or daily life.

Second, u must have a good-looking. People says, no ugly woman,but lazy woman. U should keep fit and have some make-up to make ur skin smooth, ur figure fit and urself looks attactive.

Third, elegant style of dress is necessary.It doesn't mean u must dress like pop stars or seek for non-mainstream fashion, but just hold ur own elegant, like brief, brightness or mysterious, something like that.

Last but not least, each of woman must have cofidence from botton of your heart. Confidence would help u look more attractive and more sexy.

woman should be deligent in improving  and toughening urself. If u pain more, u will gain more glance



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