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Have been looking at the nails since I got here and have noticed that mani / pedi is not a quite a trend here yet. Please let me know where I can have a good manicure and pedicure in such a pretty city. How much does it cost in your recommendation?

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seriouslly???its everywhere in shenzhen ,especially find a place named DONGMEN,everywhere ,but dont follow the guide which want to bring u to the shops,they will cheat ur money for sure ,, so good luck with that or pedi may around 10 RMB,if u want to have gel nails around living around DM,any questions,email me ,..cheers

Yes, Dongmen has lots of cheap nail parlours, and pretty much all of them are walk-through "fast food" type places. They look the same and feel like bus stations. 

If you want a private space with nice environment, professional english-speaking staff, and affordable prices, try Merci nail lounge in Luohu district. There's professional manicure / pedicure service, eyelashes grafting and party make-up. You can get really big discounts here if you're a long time customer. First-time visitors get free manicure, so it's nice to come check it out and have a chat with the friendly staff.

Number for booking:13570830459,Amy.

Address: Luohu, Guiyuan Rd., Dianying Bld., Xiandai business center 2 Floor, 2-80.




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