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Kowloon? The big Island?
Lan Kwai Fong? Wan Chai?
TST or Prince Edwards Bay?
Causeway Bay or Tsuen Wan?
What's your favorite Hot Spot to kick back with a few friends and/or make some new ones?
What do you think makes them better or worse than others?
The more brains the better ;)

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Anyone know the best "value" bar to go to - nice environment and fair price? I've been all over and so far what I can say is:
LKF - is nice and social but a bit pricey - unless of course you pre-game heavily in the 7-11 at the bottom of the hill :)
Tsuen Wan - is definitely a little far out there but there is a 24/7 bus to Huang Guang that makes up a little for the inconvenince - also a little tough to get buddies running around near Central to meet up with you all the way out at the end of the red line.
TST - actually has a nice little bar street (Minden Ave.) I think it may become my new fav if I can find one that is just a litttle bit cheaper - 50RMB a beer is just a little uncomfortable.

Any suggestings?
There is a Building on Tang Lung Street and every single floor is a bar or disco. Cool but a little bit crowded. Any clue where is it???
And No.9 Club is also awesome!
what? only LKF and SOHO worth going. no where else is worth going. you may as well stay in shenzhen if you are not heading to LKF or SOHO.

love SOHO for the food and vibe, love LKF for good parties and nice clubs - people not so much fun tho.....they are just out to check out people, not to have fun. or should i say they are having different kind of fun....

Makumba African bar with live African music in LKF is undoubtedly the best bar in HK by far...

The beer bay is great for drinking during the day. Pier number 3 at central. Very cheap (for HK) and you get to hang out at the harbor and watch everybody walk by. They have cider and beer on tap for about 35 hkd and lots of imported bottled beers and even some mixed drinks.

Tai lung fung and teds look out are both classy places in wan chai far south of lockheart road. Usually a lot of young designers drink here and many ladies you'd actually want to date. Tai lung fung is a bit cheaper than average to average prices and ted's is a bit pricey for being off the beaten path (about same price as soho).

There is a Mexican Restaurant in Wan Chai called, I think, Margaritas or something. It is across from another called Coyote.

Anyway, it has good food, a good atmosphere, but best of all, I had some time to kill, so I had two excellent Bloody Mary's and the bill was around 100 HK



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