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Hey team!

6 months in Huizhou and I think I've met one English speaker! While mandarin is great and all, I do miss my native tongue Q_Q. So are there any expats still hanging about in Huizhou?

I live in ChenJiang which is about 30 mins from Huizhou city, 15 mins from Zhongkai, if traffic is not terrible. Mainly looking for coffee, wine, gym, movies, scifi/fantasy books, gaming buds! I am a nerd person with a love for whiskey and red wine! 

Do you guys still organise outings and stuff? 

Thanks in advance! :)

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I'm sure that there are, but I'm certainly not. What you really wanted to ask is "are there any expats left in Huizhou who still come on SZStuff?" And the answer to that may well be NO, but there could very well be a WeChat group.

If you look at the members of the group some have their WeChat ID posted and some, like you, don't have the green band, but do have a phone number posted. Maybe have a look through and find the ones who've posted within living memory and try adding them and find if there is such a group.

Thanks heaps! I was super daunted before even travelling here because I could not find any foreigner base in Huizhou at allll!

T^T So they might not be on the forums and on Wechat instead hey? Roger! Thanks!

Hi Adeline.  There are actually quite a few expats living here, not as many as Shenzhen or Guangzhou of course, but more and more are coming.  One of the best places to meet expats in Huizhou are some of the foreign styled bars such as American Retro, Krakhuas Brewery, and Le Quartier Deco, all of which are located along the Binjiang Park riverside street in the center of Huizhou city.  Friday and Saturday night are your best bet.  Hope this helps!

Sounds great! thanks! 

You could organize one.:)

WE could! 




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