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Hey guys,


Let's dig out the possible places / ways to get cheese in Huizhou. I am sure this will be helpful for at least some of us, especially the newcomers. :)


I guess a lot of you know that we can find cheese in JUSCO. They finally have Camenbert and Brie back recently. However, JUSCO still doesn't have Mozzarella cheese back yet.


The other way I know is This maybe hard for those who cannot read Chinese, but you can find many kind of cheese with relatively low price. The one I brought 1kg of good heaven Mozzarella cheese was from this seller:


If you know other way to get cheese in Huizhou, please give your two cents here. Thank you!

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I know the Kande hotel bakery usually has one or two kinds of cheese. also there is a baking shop down the road the leads from Gomebuy on Xiapu lu, the shop is called Dream House its on the left hand side of the road if Gomebuy is to your back. i will try and get a pic of the front on here to help find the way. its about 1-2 minute walk from Gomebuy.
Hey Jun,

As you know, I'm all about using Taobao for cheese... I haven't found any other reliable supply. Everywhere else is hit or miss.

yes the baking shop has been reliable for us for about 9 months now, so who knows maybe they will close tomorrow. How long does it take for an order on Taobao?
It usually takes 2-5 days to receive your order on Taobao. Sometimes it depends on the seller you choose too.
Here's the one that I ordered on taobao (from the seller that Jun recommended): and that I would definitely reorder in the future!
It is imported from Australia and has an amazing elasticity when melted.
By far the best I was able to get in China!
Hi everybody,

Sorry, I also only know JUSCO for this Camembert & Brie... But they seem to be imported from... Germany !!!
What is also good in Jusco is French butter : "President"... Salted and non salted :-)

Now, I'm looking for a place in Huizhou to buy some cream (milk cream) and veal escalope... Someone knows ?

You can get cheese at Bai Jia nearby Bing Jiang Park. However, the best kind of cheese in Huizhou can be found on Papa John's pizza. Thank Deng Xiao Ping for that!

Thank you Jess, that is hard to find! I couldn't find it last time I passed by, it will be easier with your picture!
ya sorry i didnt get the picture posted under my post but hope it makes sense.
Hi guys! Just saw that mozzarella and Jack are back on the shelves at Jusco. There are made in the US. Just head over the refrigerated section to find them before they decide to discontinue selling them for 6 months again!

Now we can even find Mild Cheddar, Medium Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, Hot Pepper Cheddar and Monterey Jack in Jusco!



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