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Contemporary Dance《Yuan Ming Yuan》 XIN-ACT-LAB NEW PRODUCTION

Art Director: SHI JING XIN

Guest Artist: LI TIE QIAO

Work: 《Empty City》、《Yuan Ming Yuan》、《Memory-Time- Fragment》

Type- style: Experimental dance drama , Dialog between contemporary dance and experimental music ,Enviromental drama-dance

Produced by XIN-ACT-LAB

Time: 2009-7-24 Ticket:50RMB


Type style: The conversation of contemporary dance and experiment music

This is a work having a dialogue between the dancer and player.

In the body and the acoustic collision, the life sharing individual each other is experienced;

In the process of difficult life circulation intercourse, answer self inward puzzle.

Entire relation is constructed on the hypothesis and memory to Yuanmingyuan history , is imagines that its quilt is destroyed and are burned , is remembers that one act being not allowed to be dismissed from self's mind in history in staying in bleak , dilapidated scene of Yuanmingyuan as if; But at the same time look back at the discomposure , turmoil that we spring up in self's heart of hearts from time to time and despaired, the end that moment having the life beginning again after giving up all hope, like weeds inside the Yuanmingyuan, that moment sending out a bud in spring.

Li Tie Qiao is a Chinese composer and saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist based in Beijing. He is an extended techniques player and an outstanding experimentalist.

Born in the Hunan province in 1973, Li Tie Qiao first learned to play the Bamboo Flute as a child, before picking up the Trombone. It wasn't until much later that he decided on the Saxophone as his primary tool of expression.
In his improvisation he bravely experiment in search for a new expression between the boarders of jazz, rock and electronic noise.
He moved to Oslo of Norway in 2005 and was warmly welcomed by a number
of Norwegian musicians. During his time in Norway he have played with
Paal Nilssen-Love, Ingebrigt Harker Flaten, Maja Ratkje, Ketil Gutvik,
Rolf-Erik Nystrom etc.
In 2007 he returned to Beijing. Besides performing live, Li Tie Qiao is also actively nurturing China's fledgling Avant-garde scene. In March 2007, he was the main
curator behind, Sally Can't Dance", a festival of experimental sounds held in Beijing. As the initiator and organizer of the Beijing Free Improvisation Alliance he is a serious collaborator to the free improvisation scene in China.

In October 2008 Tieqiao released his first solo album "Wind of
Lunacy". The album has been highly acclaimed by a number of well-known
music critics.

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