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DocBrazil Film Festival will be at Idutang on September 24th and 25th

Seven movies take Brazilian multiculturalism to four cities


The DocBrazil film festival, the first Brazilian documentary film festival held in China, is back to the main Chinese cities with seven documentaries and a stronger program of parallel activities that include round tables with movie directors and commentators and Brazilian themed parties.

DocBrazil teamed up with the Raffles-BIFT International College  for the second time to display an exclusive collection of posters created by a mixed team of Chinese and international designers based in the Chinese capital. With the aim of discovering how non-natives look at contemporary Brazil,  the festival challenged each designer to watch a documentary movie and then produce a poster based on their personal impression of Brazilian culture as seen through the movies.


As a creative platform that surpasses a film experience, DocBrazil developed its partnerships and program of paralel activities in order to attract a wider audience to participate in the celebration of Brasil and Brazilians around the world

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Really interesting, I'll be there for sure.

Post the festival as an event, it'll be easier for everybody here to notice it.

Thank you for the tip. Already posted as an event =)

Spread the word and see you at YiduTang on September 24th and 25th.

You're welcome.


See you



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