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Backpacking on a motorbike through Vietnam’s chaotic streets, ONRA tried to describe in broken English what a vinyl was to every passerby he came across. After days of dead-ends and tricky bargains, a local taxi driver brought him to a steaming hot street shop where he could, at last, get his fingers dusty.

Coming back to La France with over 30 obscure records, he composed Chinoiserie, an underground masterpiece heavily influenced by J.DILLA as well as Vietnamese and Chinese traditional music that saw this man pilot a hip hop renaissance at home.

On the back of his new brilliant album, 1.0.8. - this time inspired by a vinyl digging trip through India - ONRA is coming to China to transpire world-savvy beats and courageous musical savoir-faire to the party masses. Music lovers, bring your Lonely Planets and World Atlases… tonight you’re gonna travel like a 21st century Tin Tin on a new beat mission.


带着30个很稀有的黑胶唱片回到法国,他做出了专辑Chinoiserie,一张深受J.DILLA还有越南和中国传统音乐影响的地下杰作,就好像他驾驶着Hip Hop文艺复兴的宇宙飞船在家航行。


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English: F3 Block,Mooka Space,Enping Road,Oversea Chinese Town, Shenzhen
Chinese: 深圳市南山区华侨城恩平路OCT-LOFT(华侨城文化创意园)F3栋(OCT当代艺术中心左侧)
Phone: 13537519985

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