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White to play and mate in 9 moves.

3Q4/3p4/P2p4/N2b4/8/4P3/5p1p/5Kbk w - - 0 1

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Since FEN doesn't paste, this is the position:

White Kf1, Qd8, Na5, pawns on a6 and e3.
Black Kh1, Bg1, Bd5, pawns on d6, d7, f2 and h2.
Hi Ishan! There are so many chess interfaces to download. So you can post the problem in a way everyone can see a chessboard.
We are waiting for your visit.
Can you show me a way to paste a board here? I have Fritz and Rybka Aquarium if that helps?
I have attached an image of the board position.



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