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Any idea about the future gold price? Add a comment

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Hi Dan,

I just came back from Los Angeles one week ago. I always heard negative news about lay offs. LA school district laid off 22,000 teachers already. More teachers are planned to be laid off in May ( about 5000). L A court clerks was laid off over 100 workers. Walmart laid off 20,000 all over. ----- .
I do not see any positive sign about the recovery of the economy. I had prepared corporate income tax returns during tax season ( I am a CPA in US ). Most of my clients's sales dropped a lot. Restaurant parking lot were empty. ( You could hardly find a parking space one year ago ). What's going on right now? I don't know.
I did put some money on gold. I don't know where I can keep my money against inflation.
Obama keeps spend money trying to stimulate economy. In my opinion, he should stop making welfare payment to those lazy people and illegal aliens. San Diego closed three public hospitals.
Can you tell me how many percentage of population are welfare receipients in US? In my opinion, This is is the problem in the US.



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