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wanted someone who want to join / invite the weekend Mt hiking.

hi. there

i would like to join the Mt hiking in shenzhen or hong kong area.

almost every weekend is available..

if someone want to join or arrange the hiking plan, plez send me message.

i am 36years age korean guy and live in luo hu area.

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hi just saw this post!

will go this Saturday?

Hi man! 

If you will go next time please tell me. I can join in weekends. =)

hi, man.

this week, i will go Mt again, but i will go hk saikung around 25km course.

so i will go hk this saturday, should be b4 7am, i will take the haung gang immigration bus to kwun tong. 

or next month try again. usually i go wutong mt if i do not go hk mt,

ya I might wanna go, depends on the weather though, it's supposed to rain this weekend

hi Thomas
this is kyong.
i will go haung gang immigration around 7am for kwung tong bus
if u want to join, plez let me know until friday night.
my mobile no is 186 8222 0953
this saikung course is ar 25km and will be hot hiking if no rainning.
should bring 3l water and we will have lunch at local resturant.
so dont need bring lunch box

hey can you send me your email in my inbox? Where is haung gang immigration?

hey guy

i sent message to ur mail box.


hi Thomas

this is kyong

one more if i have to inform the plan, this 25km course is well marked trail so we will try to finish the hiking max 6hr.

and if we have time, considering to swimming on the beach of Sai wan or Ham ting wan sea.

3 hk-korean guys will join with us in hk. 

Hi Kyong,

Do you have any plans to go hiking tomorrow? I want to join the trip if you are organizing any.



sorry Echo Wang.

i didnt read ur message. ><;;

i went wutong shan alone....

i will go hk taimoshan valley hiking in this weekend saturday.

if u can join, let me know.  ( sent email )

this taimoshan valley is wonderful place.

bye ~

Hi Kyong,

I'd like to join the hiking this weekend, could you give me more info about this trip(route,time,etc)?

It seems I had a problem sending you messages, what is your email add?




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