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Hi, I'd like to know where is posible to climb here, no matter if is in rock or indoors.

Maybe someone could organize a climbing event, this group seems to be death...

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I suggest if you really want to climb that you go on a trip to Nepal or Paktistan (if Asia otherwise USA or Europe) there are mountains there to climb up.

I read that Carstensz Pyramid in Western Papua is an exhilarating rock climbing, it classified 4. South China just have hills.

Sure, in the future I'd like to do it. But I rather want to know if there are some rock climbing routes over here or a place to train indoors.

BTW I would like to do a hike on 25. or 26. Feb in HKG here is the starting point, if you are interested, let me know

It is not a offical "event" here and I don't want 20 ppl and 7 event organizer etc. just a plain hike, the tail is quite long so, just a part of it can be done, but I'm planning to walk as much as I can.

Thanks for the info, it helped me to find a place not too far from my place. About the hiking matter, sounds really nice, the problem is that I can't go to HK til middle of March because of my Visad, but if you want to hike in Shenzhen just let me know

i go climbing once a week in a small park which is near my house,i love this game :)I've heard abt the Wutong mountain is very high.never been to have a try,but if someone like to climbing it together.i'd like to :)

I found a climbing wall near Sea World outside on a building.... it said 15:00 - 22:00 and a phone 13927454064 and BOSHENG on a metal sign. It was closed at the time. Don't know how often its really open.

Exactly, let's do something.

ive been looking and its tough to even find people who want to climb. Im new to shenzhen and i have been looking for active climbers and its tough. If you ever want to go climbing let me know im always looking for climbing friends so if you hear of anything let me know and ill do the same for you.

Chris, what kind of climbing are you talking about? We're new to Shenzhen but are avid climbers/ mountaineers and have climbed and developed lots of sport, traditional, and bouldering routes. There is a great new gym with both excellent bouldering and outside roped climbing near Che Gong Miao: 车公庙泰然九路羽毛中心 near Chegongmiao subway on Tairanjiu road in the Crown sports Center Badmitton Center. 0755 83787 369. I also made a Facebook page Rock Climbing in Shenzhen, anyone feel free to join.



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