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For people who likes moutain climbing. We will gather every weekend. a Group with Real Action!

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Hongkong Maclehose Trail 2 Hiking this Sunday 2018-1-21


Maclehose Section 2 is all about admiring the coastal line of Sai Kung. There are plenty of beaches with fine sand, wetlands, and rivers that are very well-conserved. Hiking is not particularly difficult, with very well-paved concrete paths leading from start to finish. 



Like on all our hikes, we will be picking trash up on our way and spread the word on environmental awareness.


【领队Hiking Leader】

  陈安安 广东潮汕人, 背包客, 爱好徒步、搭车、户外和旅游。2012年开始玩户外,走过318川藏线、滇藏线、青藏线、中尼线、西南西北东南亚的国家。我的最大愿望是环游世界,尝尽美食,目前在AIA友邦保险做销售管理。

Andy Chen, from ChaoShan Guangdong province, backpacker, like traveling, hitchhike, outdoor activity. Starting from 2012, I have indulged myself in all kind of hiking routes, like Sichuan-Tibet 318 route, Yunan to Tibet, Qinghai to Tibet, Nepal and many south estern asia countries. My hope is to travel around the world, try food from every countries. Now I work as sales manager in AIA Insurance company


【集合信息 Meeting Info】 

7:30 福田口岸深圳过关之前以绿脚丫旗帜为准

          Futian Check Point Before the shenzhen border (Find Green Foot Flag)

【What to Bring 必备物品】

 Glove, A used plastic bag (Not new rubbish bag),one liter of water, snacks for lunch, Hiking Shoes, good spirits.




【Fees 费用】 20RMB

Include 费用包含:  

 •    Hiking Leader Allowance 领队津贴

•    Public Material: First Aid, Walkie-Talkie


•    A Green Foot QR code fabric for pinning to your backpack to be recoganized


【Sign Up报名方式】

Please click on below link to sign up or add my wechat: angelayanzi , after sign up, please enter below event group

WeChat Image_20180115230343.png

【Declaimer 免责申明】

This is not a professionally guided tour. Hiking endures many risks. Green Foot will not be held liable, both legally and medically, for any harm that occures from our activities. We encourage everyone to hike within their limits. Please Follow hiking leaders' instruction and purchase insurance yourself


绿脚丫是一个国际环保社交平台,希望通过一系列的活动:户外爬山,海滩,看电影,演讲讨论等大家喜闻乐见的模式,把环保的理念植入到我们的生活中去. 通过一个绿币激励系统来鼓励做环保的行为。通过你的环保行为获得的积分可以在我们的绿色商城里面消费,共同创造共赢的环保生态圈!

Green Foot is an International Environment Care Community that connect and influence people with environment awareness through activities such as: Hiking & Trash Cleanups, Documentary Film & Social Nights, Second Hand Goods Exchanges, Public Speaking Events, and many others.We have created an incentive system to encourage people to take actions to protect the environment by rewarding them with green points. You can then use green points to consume at our green shop, creating a win-win solution and work together towards our common goal!

Green Foot logo&QR code.jpg



World Environment Day Green Foot Clean up Dongxichong

南山 3M_副本.jpg

Contact US 联系我们

If you have Project Idea, or wanna be our Event Sponsors, event leader, Guest Writer, Speaker, please write to us on: or add wechat: angelayanzi

如果你有好的项目建议,或者想成为我们活动的赞助商,活动领队,客座写手,演讲者,请发邮件: 或者添加微信: angelayanzi

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Comment by Jane on April 8, 2011 at 11:15pm
hi everyone that love hiking. i love hiking and in the past years i hike in wutong mountain almost every weekend if weather and time permits. so it would be so nice to be here to share and to go hiking sometimes
Comment by Andre on April 8, 2011 at 7:42pm
what is planed for the weekend?
Comment by Azalea on April 6, 2011 at 7:59pm

Yeah, lot's of fun last weekend.. and a great muscle ache in my legs :))

Any ideas for next weekend? So if the way to Wutong Mountain consists out of stairs, I will better skip that option for now ^^

Comment by joetsang on April 6, 2011 at 4:28pm
hi,friends,that's my pleasure to guide you hiking there,for this weekend,i think i would rest at home,but would join you if you got some good events,how do you say?lol...
Comment by Lilelephante à Janv1er on April 6, 2011 at 12:57pm
will mountain climbing make our legs big or bigger?
Comment by justin zhu on April 6, 2011 at 11:23am
We were so lucky in HZ climbing the XIANGTOU MOUNTAIN together with JOE,thanks a lot to Joe and his brother James!
Comment by Kevin Gonzalez on April 6, 2011 at 12:14am

Hey Joe, thanks a lot for all the help back there in Huizhou! I will post some pics later !!


What to do this weekend? Any good ideas? Or will be gym-climbing weekend hehe?

Comment by joetsang on April 5, 2011 at 11:51pm
haha,younger getting experiences and becoming the master too,
Comment by ben on April 5, 2011 at 12:58pm
mark here, wish to join soon
Comment by Rocky on April 3, 2011 at 9:37am
feel you guys are young, any one at the age of 30+ or 40 will go?  then i can join...


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