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Asia's Largest Screen:

Housing a 5-storey high super-sized movie screen, currently the largest 4D screen in all of Asia, 4D Extreme Screen is equipped to show all kinds of extreme-screen movies, from 3D films and 4D special effects films to conventional Hollywood blockbusters. The cinema's theatre-style terraced design and unobstructed-view seating layout, combined with the most advanced surround-sound audio facilities, ensuring that every member of the audience will experience the most realistic cinematic experience imaginable.


The World's Most Advanced 4D Multi-Sensory Special Effects: In addition to enjoying the stupendously realistic three-dimensional images on the extreme screen, audiences can also experience different kinds of sensory stimuli synchronized to the drama of the movie unfolding before them, including snowfall, wind, the spray of water, bubbles, fog, lights, and all kinds of smells.


4D Extreme Screen is the cinema which at present is equipped with the greatest range of multi-sensory special effects in the world, and provides an experience beyond anything conventional cinemas are capable of offering. The Widest Range of Cutting-Edge Movie Effects 4D Extreme Screen brings you the widest range of extreme screen special effects movies, from aerial adventures and space exploration to fantasy and science fiction epics, all produced with the latest state-of-the-art special effects technology.


Ticket prices, depending on the type of movie, range from HK$40 to HK$70.


Hong Kong's Latest Entertainment and Tourism Hot Spot 4D Extreme Screen is situated at Terminal 2 Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong’s newest hub for visitors where you will find all kinds of shops, specialty eateries and entertainment facilities all conveniently located in one place.


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