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Shekou group with Chinese teacher Nora will continually organize language exchange event from this Saturday.
In order to ensure the event quality,we will charge cost from May.So now we invite you to come and experience our event in advance for free.For each time there will be 10 Chinese and 10 foreigners,with real-name registered.
For Chinese fellows if you like to come to this event and also interested in teaching Chinese,you can get free guide from teacher Nora and even earn extra money in spare time. For foreigners you can come to study Chinese and get to know new friends,get to know Chinese culture.
This Saturday(April 26th)we will be waiting for you in our club! PS: As we have membership limited,You have to register before you come.
Activity has two parts: part one is you teach foreigner to speak Chinese,part two is foreigner teach you to speak English.We will support professional guidance for you at the same time.
Before May is free,that mean this time it is free and if you think this event is good and helpful, you can pay next time.
This event is not for getting profit,but we need your support for the place rental and guide teacher etc.
Time:Saturday afternoon
Send SMS to 18617152803(Nora)for registration now!
SMS form : name + phone hobby+ language,we will reply you time and place in detail.

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