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Anyone knows how to get a VPN for Macbook Pro, I need youtube and facebook access. 

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hoho, I can provide one for you.
Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate your expert insight. I'm quite fresh on this. Just got frustrated on not being able to get onto my favorite website in China. Paid or other solutions, please enlighten me. P.S what is GFW stood for? and how I can give you my email address?
GFW refers to the Great Fire Wall, a play on words referring to China's Internet censorship. It is what blocks you from facebook and youtube.

I am not sure a VPN will help you because the links to facebook and youtube are blocked in the 'backbone' routers through which all traffic in and out of China must pass. A proxy is a site not blocked by China which then connects to a blocked site for you. China actively searches out these proxy sites and blocks them. New proxy sites are set up every day. It is an ongoing problem. It is easier to just use sites that are not blocked and accept "TIC." This Is China.
Thank you, Mr. Dear Professor, thank you for your thorough reply. How do you find out the proxy site address? Agree on "This is China".
Hey Gui, I'm interested too can you send me an invitation also.
ultravpn works fine
Does a vpn bypass the GFW?
I've been using 12 Vpn for a year now. It's under 3 bucks/month (30/year). I use it all the time both on my phone and computer, never had a problem. Well worth the money compared to all the free proxys that never work.
try 12vpn. i have the lite version and it is working well in my Mac and iPhone. around 220 HK$ per year. i tried to set it up into my other IBM notebook, and it can connect to internet at the same time from the same IP connection.
I have got mine from witopia and its called viscosity it works GREAT!!
I use Witopia on my comp, but have no idea how it works on an Iphone. Any idea?



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