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Anyone knows how to get a VPN for Macbook Pro, I need youtube and facebook access. 

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I guess i dint make myself clear there,I know the settings, but i was asking about the performance on an Iphone
hey man, try .. very fast to watch youtube... works on Mac, iphone and ipad... lol
i used SwissVPN and Anonine before. Both are around 30RMB/month and does not require a contract.

installation is super-easy, check here:
BlackVPN works great on mac, Ipad and Iphone, user guide for both you will find one:

Use these code: XXXDZXT
you will get 3month for 5€ and I will get one more month for free
I use Freegate, i think its on version fg704p now (updates very frequently which is annoying. Problem is you need a friend who has already or a VPN to download the file in the first place. Its a .exe file but runs fine through the WINE application for mac.

hi. i may need to get a vpn for my mac. is there a reliable free one? if not, what is the paid ones? my budget for it is low. i mainly need to do some blind ads which i'm still learning... 


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HI^^ How can I use VPN for my MacBookPro?



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