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Hi Everyone, I have recently volunteered my apartment to host a small Chinese corner hopefully on regular intervals for all willing to practice their Chinese. I have a healthy base of Chinese friends who would be happy to come by and help out so we can get some "real" conversational practice. I'm making this discussion for two reasons.

A. To find out who is really interested in having something like this in the surrounding area

B. To discuss topics that we can focus on for the nights (if there is enough interest in both having the corner and defining topics)

Hope to hear from lots of you - maybe in chinese? 好的!一会儿见!周末快乐!


Planning 1st Corner
Hi guys I'm putting together a tentative plan for meeting this coming Saturday in the early evening ~5:30. I'll be calling everyone I have information for and trying to get in contact with the rest of you through your SZstuff accounts :-). I'll try to find a consensus on the best time to hold the event and update this post accordingly. Still welcoming any suggestions, feedback, and more interest. So far we're hovering around 10 which is a good size for my apt.

Hi guys for those of you that don't know I started up a group specifically devoted to organizing Chinese corners in local SZ communities - I've migrated most of my efforts to that group. Hope to see you there!

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I would like to attend the chinese corner.
Hi David: although my Mandarin is only beginner level, I am definitely interested in taking part of your "chinese corner". I think it is a great idea (wish i thought about :)

I'm in the consumer products industry and with would be interested to discussion business Chinese, but I am open to most other topics.

please sign me up and keep me up-to-date as this develops.
I am interested in this Chinese corner, I can provide practical strategy to develop your proficiency in Chinese. But everyone would think I join you with commerce purpose, so I had better stay back. But if you guys want to have a virtual Chinese-corner, my collaborative meeting system provided by Cisco-webex will serve you for free as long as I can schedule. This collaborative meeting system is a web-based platform where at the same time 15 people can do text chatting, audio & video conferencing, and sharing whiteboard, desktop & screen, and pdf, doc, xls, ppt, flash files.
Just a glimpse:

Here is the entrance:

Contact me if you need this. I can set up a schedule for you.
Hi guys, glad to hear there is some interest! I have tests this week at SZU and would like to start organizing for a weekend late-afternoon to early-evening get together. Sorry if I am replying a little late :-)

@Eduardo - Glad to hear it! I'll put you on my list :)

@Marco - I'm in the PCB and Online Marketing biz myself and I would love to get to the point where I could talk about those businesses proficiency.. hehe - however for now I'm focusing on basic proficiency with a lot of different vocabulary and grammer I have accumulated over the past year. We can make it a goal ;-) "Proficiency in Business Chinese".. added :)

@Dawn - Thanks for providing the information! How is it your able to provide this resource? I would be interested in exploring this to get an idea of how to use it for language learning needs. I think one of the larger needs is to find places to practice speaking and especially listening practice from native speakers - thats why I think a Chinese corner would be particularly helpful. I consider myself "savvy" with a lot of online collaboration tools I'll be sure to get back to you on that. I'll add you to my list as well ;).
Many thanks! Yes I agree with you that talking face to face with native speakers would be more beneficial than talking online. Actually, I use the collaborative meeting system as a virtaul Chinese classroom. I teach Combinatory Chinese invented by Prof. Lv Bisong 吕必松, who has been recognized as ‘Father of TCFL’. But your guys are safe now because by the end of this year it is free that the leading course of Combinatory Chinese, Chinese Learning in 48 Hours. Therefore, if I can manage, I can provide the collaborative meeting system to Shenzhen Chinese corner for free.
hi everyone! if there any "chinese corner" for advanced level?
That's cool David!
Hope we have some native speakers!

Oksana, I can speak Mandarin but i still have a strong accent.
Sometimes I mix some words from Hakka and Cantonese then my chinese becomes a little bit "luan -乱" mess, 哈哈....
Wow, Hakka and Cantonese! It's up to advanced level so))
Hi Oksana, no need to worry about level I can arrange to have native speakers present to talk with us so you'll be able to practice at any level you like :). I've added you to my list.

@Everyone don't keep this a secret, would like to get a few more names on the list before I start to schedule anything.
+ wish me luck on my test! 加油加油加油!确定一定以及肯定!意思清楚吗?我希望意思清楚!下次见!
I'm in, I usually practice with another British friend of mine by talking only in Chinese for an hour a week and it proved to be very effective. So getting even more people in on it is bound to be a good idea. The guy I practice with is away for a while, but I'm sure he'd be keen too when he gets back. I have rugby on Thursdays so please don't organise it for that day (I am being selfish now)! Shenzhen University is a pretty good location for me public transport wise.
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我的办公室: 南山区南海大道海王大厦B-29G



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