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How did you get started with freelance teaching?

What advice/contacts can you share with us?

If you're only just getting started, what are your aspirations?

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It's all guangxi. 

Half of my students I got them through one mom I know from the kindergarten I used to teach at. She likes me and introduced me to her friends. (she's a foreigner).

Then another part is from friends and colleagues recommending me to their own friends, and some others are from ads on the internet.

No particular tips, but do tell as many people as you can that you're looking for students.

The best way to describe it is that it is a bit like building a snowman, you make a small snowball and just roll it across the floor, and soon you have a snowman! 

I got a lot of my students from my girlfriend joining QQ forums, this is especially handy when the parents can't speak English. Other than that it is all been through referrals, if you are good and the students like you then they spread the word.

Just let people know you are available, hand out some business cards to people when they mention they are interested,and it will come to you.



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