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did u make it to the show?  would like to see ur pics!

few pics from the SZ car show this past weekend

@ Dave....   I have never seen cars look like that before...    ;o)
hey Graeme.  yeah, i gotta learn how to use the damn auto focus.  600 pics and the cars came out blurry in every one!  :'(

no idea about this kind of style.......

Apple, I have just received notice from Szstuff about this image..  they are so slow!!!      I love this, I think you got the exposure spot on.   She is all in white, silver on the eyes.....  and just enough catch light in them too...   Post a cropped version of it, close into head and shoulders....   or even tight to the face...   her complexion is pure and a close crop will draw you into her eyes, even though she is looking just slightly off camera...  Try t, see what happens.

G :o)

thanks G! i will try.

Hi everyone!

here is a shot from my last shooting in Shekou, 6 models, 3 sets indoor and few outdoor, 11 hrs of shooting for about 5000 pics!! Pity I can't show them because is for a client that has to make its catalog and web.

Have a nice weekend!

Nice pictures except the first one. The first model is not very natural though.

I am running a real fashion photography production house in SZ for years. 

Let me know if you guys need any professional knowledge.




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