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Hi everyone,


My mom runs a private training school for teenage (8-16 years old) in Longgang Central, which will be open in the first of April. Now we are seeking an English speaking foreigner, (native English speaker is NOT necessary, it's better that your mother tongue is German, French, Spanish or.......)


Here're the details:


1. Half day in every weekend. It means you can either go there on Saturday morning 9:00-12:00, or Saturday afternoon 2:00-5:00, or Saturday night 7:00-10:00. This schedule also goes for Sunday (if you wouldn't get up with too much alcohol in your blood, I suggest you "kids first, liquor later")


2. Location might be a little bit far away for you if you live in downtown Shenzhen, coz the school is located in Longgang central district, these bus lines can arrive the school:- E5,329, 365, 353--> 海关大厦 Customs building- Map is shown as below, you can also search with key word: 罗马公元 


3. About the payment, please write me an Email: tommy.xule@gmail.comor just call me: 139-2845-1727.


4. Your tasks in the school: just talk with the kids in English, whatever you like to talk. Of course, adult topic you could talk with me :-)





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