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Colombian Chinese Chamber of Commerce is opening it´s new office in Shenzhen, and is looking for a Chinese girl with skills for Spanish. If you are interested, please send me an e-mail to:, or comment this post.

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I am interested in it, but I can't speak spanish!!! It seems like I need to study it really hard ,haha.
hola~ why need girls. seems unfair to boys, haha~~~ i could speak level 1 spanish even though i have a BF from Madrid and who can speak perfect Chinese.... :( I am just too lazy to say it. I would love to.... but i cant . so pity!
that is so cool. level 1? I wish I could do that, I can only speak "hola", haha
jaja, i could say more words like ADIOS, TE QUERO.... number 1-10 some other bad bad words.... and some other FANTASTIC words .... haha~~~ daily life sentences... hahahaha~~~
but i am so use to speak chinese mix english to my BF... so i got lazy to speak Spanish. my BF said my level is 0... haha~~~ but i think better than nothing~~~ so I prefer to be level 1~~~ :-D
mucho gracias
at least ur bf can speak spanish , haha. that is good.
haha... hope my BF would not see this :P
u are safe ,dear lol
I am looking for executive assistant who speak engish and better if can spanish ( but no matter if can't)
If you are interested please email me :
Must need be graduate from unversity and with 3 years experience.
I forget , please with super powers and Able to work under pressure and take ownership
i see another opportunity just left me.
all qualify... except 3 years experience... still young 4 that position :(
but if including self employed, I would love to say i am qualified :)
oh no," Must need be graduate from unversity and with 3 years experience" , I have to say goodbye to this position.I think I could be a superwoman ,haha.
Hola Daniel, que lástima. Leí el anuncio hoy y hacer un par de semana recibí una oferta de trabajo.

He ido una vez a Bogotá y me gustó mucho. Se dice que no es un lugar seguro pero la verdad es que sí. La gente es muy amable y cariñosa.

De todas maneras te voy a enviar mi curriculum; pues si hay algunas oportunidades en el futuro, quien sabe.

Un beso




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