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Hi my name is Jamie im 27 and from England. So as you can guess from which country im from my level is very low.

If you have time for twice a week ( i live 10 mins walk away from Coco park) feel free to get in touch.



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Already added you ;)

i´m in venezuela i was in shenzhen 16 months until last 25 sept 2012 teaching english in 9 kindergartens in shenzhen baoan shekou and longhua area.


if you may help me to get a job as spanish german or italian teacher as well as english teacher

as i had to come back to venezuela here in south america. i can teach you spanish for Free.

skype: giankarlosbakeamusicista


my email: so i can show you my CV if you can back me up in this.

as i met a kid in baoan shenzhen with a brain illness that made me come back to venezuela to seek for money support for the kid so he could fly to cuba from hong kong where the neurologists may treat him and apply their therapies for his problem.because i´m a humanitarian venezuelan

but here this governemtn is selfish and hates to help to other children in other countries because we have a false new president called nicolas maduro and his presidential staff all are envy and materialistics  (for this reason i want to go back to china work and save the money to cover their expenses to cuba ) because i don´t want to cojme back to this miserable country.believe me.i prefer China better than this ugly reality



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