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Hello, I am looking for someone to teach Spanish to my 8y old daughter.
Location is Shekou.
Thanks, Paris.

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Hello Andres, thank you for your proposal.

Could you please contact me at the mail address:



Hi Im a Spanish teacher who lives in Nanshan. I work in an International School teaching Spanish and in some language schools. If you are interested you can contact me

Hello Mikel, thank you for responding to our mail.

Could you please contact us at the following address:



Hi! I am looking for a student to teach spanish in Shenzhen, I am an architect and I have free weekends. If you are interested contact me. I really like to teach to kids.


Hello Luk, thank you for your response.

Could you please contact us at



si es un chino pero sabe español?

Hello Paris,

I am a spanish girl that is looking for a teaching job, I have teached english and german before, but spanish would not be a problem! Let me know if it sounds interesting to you...

Hello Claudia,

Thank you for responding to our post. We have already found a spanish teacher.

I'll let you know if anyone we know wants to learn german.

Thanks, Paris.

Hi Paris, did you still looking for a teacher?, if yes I could help you.

Hello Victor, thank  you for your offer. We already have someone teaching my daughter.

Thanks, Paris.



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