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Hey guys!

Is the Spanish corner happening? 

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Parece que no hay actividad.

Montones de gente dicen que quieren pero se les olvida al dia siguiente.

Hola gente!

Can anyone give any info on where the meetings used to be? If not, maybe we can try and arrange it regardless of if the people who set up this group do or not. What does everyone think?

Seria un placer conoceros

I`ve found this:

“Shenzhen Spanish Corner” is the only place with native Spanish and Chinese-Spanish teachers to provide a free learning experience on every Tuesday from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm in Shenzhen.If you are interested, please contact us at; QQ group:9045810 wechat public platformespanolsz 

深圳西班牙语角♠深圳唯一有外教/中教的公益西语角(一起学日常用/西语歌/础课/西语电影/感受西语文化/交朋友)时间♠每周二19:3020:30 ♠地址♠福田区景新花园C座一楼走廊 ♠Q群♠9045810 

“Shenzhen Spanish Corner” is the only place with native Spanish and Chinese-Spanish teachers to provide a free learning experience in Shenzhen. 


Free Spanish lessons , we offer a place to study Spanish , learn about Spanish culture watching movies, listening music and meeting Spanish foreigners, join us for a Spanish-Chinese exchange language session every Tuesday night in Shenzhen 

[Activity time] 

Every Tuesday from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm (Registration Deadline: one day before the event) 

Activity Introduction 

Free activities to learn Spanish, you’ll meet experienced Chinese-Spanish teachers and Spanish native speakers to give class on any level to help people in improving their skills. 


Learning Spanish vocabulary, sentences, reading, watching movies, listening music, learn about travel experiences as well as food and culture, meet with Spanish foreigners and enjoy a Chinese-Spanish culture event. 

[Presentation event] 

1. Teaching Spanish pronunciation word by word and in sentences, Spanish related cultural activities. 

2. Reading and learning lessons in a group, understanding Spanish daily sentences. 

3. Listen to Spanish music, learn Spanish songs. 

4. Watching Spanish movies, we can arrange a movie session according to time, place and teacher availability, understanding movies from the Spanish experience related to Spanish culture is fun and enjoyable. 

5.Chinese-Spanish language and culture exchange with Spanish speakers. 

[Event material] 

Material used is at basic Spanish level (intensive Spanish ABC materials) or our dedicated distribution materials. 

Contents of the book are occasionally used only for reading, other material might be provided from different sources by teachers, the learning system is easy to follow from basic, middle to advanced level. 

[Activity Fees] 

Although it is a free session, we remind all our participants that it is necessary to pay 5 RMB to cover printing and copying material costs, if we'd agree to have our evening lesson at a bar or any other public place keep in mind to pay for the consuming expenses it might cause, please bring change, as we can't provide change for large bills, thanks. 


Our mission is to promote Spanish culture, everyone is welcome to join our organizational activities where you can expect to make more Spanish speaking friends, we work together to accomplish the biggest Spanish circle in Shenzhen. 


Address : first floor , Building C, Jingxin Garden, Futian District, Shenzhen ( the activities take place outdoors in a recreation resting place), 

bus station: Jingxin Garden, 

Metro Station:JinTain station D Exit 

[Contact US] 

If you are interested, please contact us at; 

QQ group:9045810 



Wechatszespanol(share Spanish song) 

wechat public platformespanolsz (Share activity about our Spanish salon) 

Tel:83675266 83675366 


Does anybody want to resurrect the weekly meetings? I would like practice speaking in Spanish. 

How about dinner in coyote's on Monday?

If its nice we could see about setting up a regular Spanish corner.

Ok, so maybe should start a separate thread then. To attract more people...:)



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